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Lying In Your Attic, I Can Feel The Static

By Little Steve

So summer is nearly over eh! And what have you got to show for it apart from a ridiculous t-shirt tan? NOTHING!
So why don't you take a listen to some of the songs that got me through this slowly dissipating summer. I have zipped a lovely mix up just for you kids to unzip and burn to one device or another.
This is the first of a few compilations that I will try and stick up here. It makes for a faster post process, that's for sure. But of course, if you have any questions about any of the bands on the comps, or wanna hear more, then get back to me. You know how much I love to share with my friends ;)

This mix has a bunch of stuff on it. From the super shouty fun of the latest Futureheads, to the smooth sounds of my new favorite off the Husky Rescue album. I'm still not super savvy at getting all the tracks in the right order for my own compilation, so the random order of tracks is shown below. It's probably based on original track numbers and names, or something just as dull.

Just Click On the Link Below Dudes!

Boho Compilation 1 - Feb'10

1. Struck Dumb - The Futureheads
2. Always Like This - Bombay Bicycle Club
3. Gimme - Fortune
4. Hand Me Down Your Love - Hot Chip
5. Sound Of Love - Husky Rescue
6. One Life Stand - Hot Chip
7. Chaos (Rory Phillips Mix) - New Young Pony Club
8. Undercover Martyn - Two Door Cinema Club
9. Generator^Second Floor - Freelance Whales
10. Radar Detector (Xaphoon Jones Remix) - Darwin Deez
11. Caesar (Feat. Robyn)(Diplo Remix) - I Blame Coco
12. Bicycle - Memory Tapes
13. The Phoenix Alive (Demo) - Monarchy
14. Reunited - Fan Death
15. Wide Load - Ainslie Wills
16. Sooner Or Later - ZAZA


Bewildered Buttons

By Little Steve

It's HOT! In more ways than one kids. I'm still getting over/into last post's music, and because it was so massive I couldn't fit it all in one post. This means the follow up here will be just as good. I've also had a bit more time to listen to the music and decide which ones are growers and which ones will, sadly, have to leave us this round.

Now to begin some of the hazy music stylings of this post, I bring you ZAZA. This duo, originally from the west coast of America, united in NY. They say that the dreamy melodies are songs written to, and for, each other. I have a huge crush on a remix track made of theirs, which I have put underneath, as well as one of the songs off their 'Cameo' EP, which I'm still yet to get my hands on. Won't be soon before too long!

Sooner or Later - ZAZA

Arms Length (Korday Remix) - ZAZA

Keeping with a similar tempo, all you hipsters really do need to check out these guys. Dominant Legs, also known as Ryan William Lynch, creates some lovely, faded sounds that jingle with joy. Listen to it a coupla times and it will take you through these sunny days and into summer. Fun!

Young At Love and Life - Dominant Legs

Just Silly Ones - Dominant Legs

Now, you know when you hear a song and you really love it but you lose it in the mess that is your music-filled brain, full of snippets and history and lyrics? Of course you do. Well that happens to me sometimes...and I found a guy I thought I had forgotten. His name is Jon Redfern and he's a lovely folk singer from the UK. He's had a couple of albums out thus far and they're lovely. So take a listen. Now. Lovely.

Lost - Jon Redfern

OH! and on that folk-ish note you need to check out Illinois and their Adventures Of Kid Catastrophe chapters. They're also lovely. Check out this one below!

Are You Coming With Me? - Illinois

Now, another love of mine over these last few months has been the great Wolf Gang. What's with good music coming from bands with Wolf in their name? Who knows, but I do know that this guy, Max McElligott from South East London, is gonna make big indie-pop waves around the globe. He's just released his third single, and it will probably be the one to get him out on the scene. Check out his earlier ones too, they're great, especially if you like Byrne-like sounds.

The King and All of His Men - Wolf Gang

I think I'll leave it there for today. Should be enough for you music-loving beasts. Hit me up if you want anything in particular, or a tune re-upped from an earlier post.


All Pistachio'd Up

By Little Steve

So it's been a while, maybe this time it'll stick :)
There has been much happening, in terms of both music and life, over the last few months. It has been pretty crazy but mostly good. I'm ripe with music so please take it off my hands before I explode in a bloody mess of tunes and teeth.

-So steve, what's actually been happening?
-Well, actually...
-...ok, well...let's get into the music then...

Why not start with a perfect piece of pop for the start of spring? I discovered this little band, Monarchy, while visiting my fave music blogs. To start with I wasn't sure if I was hearing an auto-tuned remix of something off Nova...but then I stuck with it and was rewarded!
Think Empire Of The Sun meets Zoot Woman meets the summer.
Now not much is known about these kids, but they're from London and they will probably be pretty big. So get in early :)

Gold In The Fire (Demo) - Monarchy

Now, some people like Florence and the Machine...including myself. But there is someone who I like BETTER! And that's Marina & The Diamonds. She has released a few singles over the last few months and I would like to share some of them with you, because she's great. And she's cuter than Florence too. So there!

I Am Not A Robot (Unplugged) - Marina & The Diamonds

Obsessions - Marina & The Diamonds

Mowgli's Road - Marina & The Diamonds

While we're on females, why not try out the new track from lovely lady Laura Veirs, off her forthcoming album July Flame. She's released two tracks for free of the album so that kids can make videos for them, like a competition where, I guess, both sides win! Ahh she's a good one. If you like, then you should check out her last two albums 'Saltbreakers' and 'Year Of Meteors', the latter being one of my all time favourites.

July Flame - Laura Veirs

Now for something brand new, why don't you take a listen to Darwin Deez. This guy is from New York City and plays 'happy music for sad people/white music for black people'. It's pretty fun. He has lots of curly hair and a moustache.

Bad Day - Darwin Deez

Did I hear you ask for something a little harder? Well HERE YOU GO!
If you don't have a copy of the new Vitalic album yet, and you enjoy their jingles, then you need to get up on that right now, because it kicks little babies in their gums with amazing electro beat feet. Here's something for babies and something for the feet that love them.

Poison Lips - Vitalic

One Above One - Vitalic

See The Sea (Red) - Vitalic

Oh yes there's more! Now, think back to when you were maybe 4 years younger. What were you doing? Maybe you were hoping someone would create an amazing show where bogans could go over to the UK and get slapped upside the head until they turned into potential princesses. OR maybe you were wondering if they would ever take off Big Brother...permanently. One thing is for sure, you definitely were not in a band called Revlon 9 and you were not creating a song that I enjoyed dancing to called Someone Like You. Shame...we probably would have been really good friends.
Check out this chick shit, it's pretty good. It's a shame they followed up with a mediocre album, but this track really brings things back to basics and it's a grower!

Someone Like You - Revlon 9

Ooh I have a present for you all too! This is a track I have played a few of my friends and it's the amazing David Bowie on a good soundtrack for a crap film. Take a listen, wait for it to kick in and you won't be disappointed.

Bring Me The Disco King (Loner Mix) - David Bowie

Now, if that's not enough to tide you're a sad individual. Leave comments and let me know what you like and what you or otherwise.
Peace hoes.


The Return!

By Little Steve

So the time has come my lovely little oompas. A mix between ridiculous amounts of good music and daylight savings have me writhing in an uber-awake musical orgasm. And this is the exact state I've needed to bring it all to you through the Rudd nodes of Australia.
So let's jump straight in shall we?

Local Natives

Something nice and easy to break you guys in. These guys had their SXSW cherries popped recently, hailing from the West Coast in the US of A. Previously unsigned, I don't think it'll be long before these folks are snapped up. Described as treading the line between the Dodo's and Cold War Kids, why don't you take a listen for yourselves!

Local Natives-Airplane

Yellow Tricycle

Now this guy is a French artist, and it was pretty hard to find any information on him that hasn't needed the amazingly accurate google translator. All you need to know is that he's pretty great and this song is a great builder reminiscent of some of Thom Yorke's earlier stuff. Take a listen!

Yellow Tricycle-Braindead

Patrick Wolf

Now most of you will all know about this prancing lupine, well this is his new track. I'm not sure about it yet, but thought you may want to have a listen...

Patrick Wolf-Vulture

Golden Silvers

These guys from the UK are getting a lot of buzz at the moment. I must say I'm not a fan of the album as a whole (i'll probably be defending that claim for about a year) but their single is the's just F.U.N. and check out the video for it too.

Golden Silvers-True Romance (True No.9 Blues)


I think I missed the boat with this one, these local kids are jamming out some great Organ-style tunes, and I think they're pretty great. There are also some awesome remixes being made, check out the bangin' one below. Check 'em if you don't already own every song they've ever released.

Teenagers In Tokyo-End It Tonight
Teenagers In Tokyo-Robocat (G.L.O.V.E.S. remix)

There is sooo much more in store for you, but that's all for today. I need to go do stuff..and so do you!

Blink The Blood From Your Weary Eyes

By Little Steve

Welcome one and all. So after seeing Van She last night, not only was I inspired to do another blog, but I was also driven to take a long hard look at myself. And what I saw was not pretty.
Let me set the scene: flashing lights barely illuminating the multi-layered space, fuzzy bass vibrating the glass in my hand and trashy boys and girls stumbling on and around me with an unhealthy helping of oral exploration attached to most.
This was followed by several broken glasses and beer bottles being dropped and spraying all over my fun-filled pants...trying to drown out the excitement held within. And I let it! Once more I was a cranky old man, leaving the disco-kids to enjoy their booze and bass. Maybe I got old before my time? Although, my romp through til the arse-crack of dawn on wednesday morning may suggest otherwise.
ENOUGH! Time for some music :)

What shall you be given? Well I had to review my standing on Ladytron recently because it seems the boredom I felt with some of their other releases has given way to fascination with the new release. It's dark, electronic and briefly brooding. And there are a couple of tracks I like to play over and again. Have a listen.

Ladytron - Runaway

Ladytron - Predict The Day

Late of The Pier
Other amazingness comes from the Nottingham lads know as Late Of The Pier. It's so fantastic to see a band from their beginnings and watch them create something as awesome as their new album Fantasy Black Channel. Not sure when it's being released over here, but will probably be soon cos we've been getting EPs and stuff from them lately. Every song changes in so many great ways, it's hard for me to even choose the tracks to put up for you. Here goes nothing!

Late Of The Pier - Broken

Late Of The Pier - The Bears Are Coming

Late Of The Pier - Focker

The Fashion
I'm not sure if I've chatted about The Fashion before, but I should have. Their single, Like Knives, was a pretty fun rockventure and they've followed it up with a pretty darn cool album. These Danish kids switch between indiegasms and slower, funked up tunes like the one I will put up.

The Fashion - Like Knives

The Fashion - Solo Impala

The Black Ghosts
One of my dear friends, Simon Lord, has obviously been having a grand old time with his new incarnation The Black Ghosts. Unfortunately I missed their shows when they were over here, but then I ran into him at a cafe in Sydney. SO random, but awesome to see him again. I got myself a copy of the album and it's better than I expected. I love love the new single (helps that Damon Albarn is singing!) and there are so many other tracks that keep me listening to the album all the way through. Something that i'm finding harder and harder these days. Anyway (you choose to give it), take a listen!

The Black Ghosts - Repetition Kills You

The Black Ghosts - I Don't Know

The Black Ghosts - Don't Cry

Black Kids
And yes these kids are doing well over in the UK I think. The Black Kids album Partie Traumatic is quite a cool little collection. I didn't get the hype of their first single, but I do have some fun listening to some of the tracks. Not something I put on repeat though.

Black Kids - Partie Traumatic

Black Kids - Listen To Your Body Tonight

I think I'm spent. Time for singstar?

Naked Ventures Into The Undergrowth

By Little Steve

I guess it's about time for another music blog kids! I'm already looking forward to a few musical delights, in the way of gigs in Melbourne for eg the Parklife lineup! Check it out, dance ahoy hoy.
What shall I deliver to your salivating mouths first?

She Wants Revenge
Let's go for a band I have nothing but good feelings for, She Wants Revenge. I happened to come across their new EP the other day. Now I didn't even know they had one due out, but I was a little wary after a couple of the tracks on their last offering This Is Forever didn't match the quality of every bloody song on their self-titled debut. But it seems that the title track of their new Save Your Soul EP is every bit as good as the first few tracks I fell in love with. Well, maybe not AS good as the first few but a worthy opponent!

She Wants Revenge - Save Your Soul
and one of my older faves...brilliant!

She Wants Revenge - I Don't Want To Fall In Love

Van She
Now, speaking of Parklife. Van She will be doing their thang at the festival, as Van She Tech. They'll also be doing a gig around the 11th July I think at the themselves. Now their alter ego have done a remix of their single Strangers, which is subtly more exciting. So take a listen.

Van She - Strangers (Van She Tech Mix)

Now for something a little more chilled and beautiful. There's a band called Shearwater who are lovely and great and from the US and you need to hear this song because it's lovely and great. It's off their album called Rook. Listen I say.

Shearwater - Rooks

Viva Voce
Oh so Viva Voce have a pretty great album too. And it's called Viva Voce Loves You. I heard through a reliable source that they really do love you, so you better reciprocate. There's only about 8 tracks on their album I think, but who needs quantity when you have quality such as theirs.

Viva Voce - Wrecking Ball

The Whip
I saw The Whip live at the shitful event that was We Love Sounds. Trust me, we don't love sounds. In fact, sounds and I are seeing other people. Apart from that messy break-up, The Whip put on an awesome show with some electro-rockin tunes. One of my fave ones to dance to would have to be the final track of the album. Go and dance.

The Whip - Throw It In The Fire

The Whip - Sister Siam

Cloud Cult
Cloud Cult released another album, prolific or what? It's called Feel Good Ghosts and it's pretty darn dandy. Here's a couple of my fave tracks of this one.

Cloud Cult - The Tornado Lessons

Cloud Cult - May Your Hearts Stay Strong

James Pants
If you haven't heard of this guy yet then go find him. He's hiding behind the trees...quick! There! Did you see him!
Slightly Tom Vek no?

James Pants - We're Through

Ok, so once more we get to the bottom of the post and we have my guilty pleasure. Now this guy is called Temposhark and I'm smitten with his whole album. It's basically what Darren Hayes should have been were he way more electro and not afraid to make all his songs about sex and bondage and other such things. It's like reading a trashy blockbuster novel!

Temposhark - Knock Me Out

Temposhark - Not That Big

Temposhark - Crime

Ahh so much electro-pop goodness! Til next time hoes ;)